Full Fitness Gym:

The Idea

Every club, gym or health club sets out to achieve a target, an aim or find its place whether it’s in side room in a social club or a dedicated, specialised gym catering for everyone. Helping everyone from Mum’s Zumba class to a professional athlete, we believe Full Fitness Gym will cater for your needs.

Full Fitness Gym has been the brain-child of the independent owner. The club can change as quickly as it needs to give you, the member the very best experience. The idea is to cater for everyone without making it look like we aim the venue at a specific target but has been designed to be used for those truly looking to achieve results rather than waste a couple of hours a week.

Did we achieve this? Check our our fantastic customer reviews to see if we did.

lt’s, then a personal trainer is truly the way


The Full Fitness Gym experience is one to explore and enjoy a happy time. We give you, the gym member, the best equipment, trainers and facilities. Take a look at the online videos and floor plans to truly see the equipment list, or as we are always adding to it we suggest you ask your friends who already come or book in for a club tour.

The Club itself has a Soft Tissue and Sport Massage Clinc, beauty room, changing rooms, dedicated cardio room, independent spin room, studio available to rent with its own toilets and water facilities and of course parking allowing you to drive here from the villages without worrying about parking original spin bikes on offer at other venues. Spin, like all our classes, is open to members and non-members with options to book online, through our dedicated Full Fitness Gym APP and you can even purchase day passes online.


Full Fitness Gym is based as a fitness center, we don’t say you need to be a “Gym Bunny” to attend, we don’t all walk around in vests in front of mirrors shouting and grunting. Many members are here for the same reason as you…..

We’re all here for personal reasons, if it be to put on weight and size, lose weight, tone and shape our bodies to the way we think is nicer. Health reasons to lower blood pressure or for injury rehabilitation and general movement along with the fun social side of coming to the gym and working out with who will become friends. Through the split gym areas you can have a quieter workout or more intense one, going to the studio we offer On Demand Classes or staffed ones from the booking app.  


The Gym has the very best resistance machines from Life Fitness and other top brands. Double sets of free weights and several benches mean that if you’re into free weights you can really keep going without pauses.

The machines are always changing – we are always adding new equipment dedicated to each muscle group. We have functional training areas as well, if machines are not your thing but you really want a safe place to exercise.l trainer is truly the way

Easy Gym Area

This area is designed to allow members to flow through their exercises with ease, with hand picked machines making your workout quick and dynamic. We still have dumbells in this area and some space for functional training but not as much as the main gym.

With cardio section, free weights with moving benches and then multiple pin loaded machines you don’t need to worry at all, plus you have an induction and Personal training session with all new memberships*

Main Gym

What we call the main gym is a whole separate area. This is full of our Olympic Benches, plate loaded machine, sets of cable and the majority of our dumbells. The area is not pushing new members away other than allowing access to those who are more happy to avoid the pin machines. There is nothing wrong with these but the cables and other machines allow a larger variety of workouts.

The gym is a spacious design but full of all the best equipment we can provide you. 

Take a look around the facility to see how vast the equipment list really is. 


The club studio teaches everything from martial arts, outsourced through very experienced trainers, for self defense into class such as 20 20 20 which is based on a break down fo cardio, toning and strength. Something a little more aerobic would be Tone Up, Step, Combat Cardio or Aero Dance.

The classes are held throughout the day, morning classes tend to be aimed around Legs, Bums and Tums and HIIT training for quick body blasts before work.

We can hire the studio which has its own filtered water supply, its own toilets and is fully air conditioned. Mirrors across the walls give good access for checking posture and movement and the ability to see the instructor from many angles. The flooring is 40mm high density foam so it’s stable under your foot, giving the ability to work in barefoot or trainers and meaning ground work doesn’t need a mat like many studios with floor boards or village halls with concrete or solid flooring. We are a sporting specific venue that caters for athlete into your 70+ keeping fit and active.

The Spin and indoor cycle room has the latest in Trixster bikes. The bikes have freewheels to help avoid knee and lower back pain that can be provoked by cheap alternatives. These handle-bars also move making the experience of cycle a closer sensation along with helping improve your core muscles as you have to stabilize yourself when standing unlike the original spin bikes on offer at other venues. Spin, like all our classes, is open to members and non-members with options to book online, through our dedicated Full Fitness Gym APP and you can even purchase day passes online.

Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers are here to engage you into your fitness program,  to teach you more than you know or look at the way you’re working your body and encourage you to do better correcting your posture and moving you into the best shape.

We currently have Personal Trainers here working for the gym, with all memberships we provide an Induction and One2One training session with one of our qualified staff. The Personal trainers are there to help you, achieve your goals, push you harder, avoid injury or help you to recover quicker making the most of your spare time.

Personal trainers can also work freelance for a more in depth one2one session. Your trainer will dedicate themselves and always seeing how you work, where you are and setting goals for you.