Cancellation Procedure

We’re Sorry Your Leaving

We’re sorry you want to leave Full Fitness Gym. However we understand people come and go and leave for different reasons. If you’re leaving due to lack of motivation though, why not ask for a personal training session?

If you want to leave Full Fitness Gym we have made the process very very simple indeed.


We will then reply to your email with the final dates, amounts and payments along with the final date you’re able to use the gym.

  • You then do the final payments on the dates or upfront if that’s easier for you

We will then close your account and stop payments for you. This will stop further charges on the account for if you cancel the Direct Debit.

The reason we ask you to email is so that we can trace the day you wanted to cancel your membership and it’s not a case of “I think I told someone on reception”. We require it via email to give us clear records, and if for any reason we did make a mistake we can back track and correct it. This process is also important for security – we check that your email address and name on the account match to stop fake cancellations.

*Please note failed payments even at the end will incur charges which we will pursue.