Mix it up – Full Fitness Gym 

Most of us will come into the gym, have our set routines that we know ‘do the job’ and put our heads down getting on with the task at hand.

However this attitude can mean we are missing out on optimal gains and adding a little fun and variety to
our workout whilst acheiving our desired goals can never be a bad thing! As you will hear a number of people talk about muscle memory, adding exercises and changing your routine will help to keep your muscles ‘off guard’ and vastly improve your strenth, size and toning development.

So for your glute workout, why don’t you think about adding in the ‘cable pullthrough’ exercise. The vast majority of this movement is going to hit your gluteus maximus, but it will also target some stabaliser muscles including hamstrings, spinal erectors and lats.

So for this exercise the initial thing you will need to do is drop the pulley attachment down to the floor setting and connect the rope pulley clip.

You will then want to position yourself a few feet in front of the pulley system with your back to the machine and the rope between your legs.

Keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and straddle the rope attachment. As you stand in position, then rope should be just behind the back of your things (almost directly under your glutes)

Your arms should be fully extended through your thighs with your back and chest leaning forward, make sure to maintain a straight and neutral spine and avoid irregular arching in your back.

While keeping your arms straight, push your glutes through your front torso and thrust your thighs upwatds. Your chest should now be in an upright position. (It is very important to keep your arms straight throughout the move so that the main tension remains on your glutes).

Return to the start positon and repeat for 10-12 repetitions.

So now you have one more move to add to your repetoire why not come and speak with one of our personal trainers who can help you design an innovative and changing workout plan to keep you on track with your fitness journey!