Chris Darkins: He has seen some amazing changes in his body and we want to show


FFGNutrition Stack

Chris was originally looking to lose weight and add some shape, improve fitness and stamina and has really achieved this. After he found himself getting muscle tenderness and DOMS after workouts he spoke to us and tried to not only improve his diet a little more but to take MyProtein to which has had some results. When we launched FFGNutrition he was one of the first, he spoke to Peter who gave him a stack of supplements all aimed at really achieving results and since this the results have been achieved and measured

Stats, In the last 2 months he has moved onto FFGNutrition and the results have been massive.


We have an added mass of:

  • 1stone 4lbs and loss of fat
  • Biceps have gained 2 Inches
  • Chest has Gained 2.5Inches
  • Each Thigh has gained over 1.5Inches

The importance of seeing results is high, the importance of not getting demotivated when this takes a few months of dedication however needs to be forgotten.

We think Chris is working really well so far and still wants to achieve so much more.

Do you think you have what it takes to be member of the month? All we need is some results, in weight loss or weight gain, maybe a personal target is achieved

Please do let us know if you have images and results we can show other members. We think so many hidden members are achieving great results. Can you send us your images and story?

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