Thermal Camera

Infa Red Touchless Taps

Indicated Walking Zones

RFID - Track and Trace

Safety Screens Around Weights Machines

Clearly Marked Workout Zones

Screens For Heavy Breathing Zones

More Hand and Equipment Cleaning Stations


We’re working very hard to keep everyone safe. We have some extreme measures in place for this. 

Thermal Image Camera

Highlighted routes around the gym

Barriers and equipment divides

More spray guns and wipes

Track and Trace through our RFID gate access


Our payment provider is called Ashbourne. 

Emails would have come from a company called Ashbourne Management during the lockdown to freeze and hold accounts, these are our payment facilitators and if you have cancelled your DD it will take 48hrs to reactivate your account. 

You will need to have your membership number found on your dedicated card we supplied to you. Along with us “Full Fitness Gym IP25 6UP”  Information to be able to contact them, this can be sent to Ashbourne HERE 

We do hope that you will stand by us at this time. If you can afford to help with memberships then it will keep us alive until grants and such can be put in place. We really want to keep the gym as amazing as possible, were keeping all our staff and doing what we can to support each other in these times. 

Good luck, good health and see you all soon we hope.