Cycle Fit with Spin

Full Fitness Gym Trick Spin Bikes Full Fitness Gym Watton Norfolk Spin Cycle Fit ClassesThe cycle fit class is a lot like your spin classes but on our brand new Trickstar bikes, these bikes have moving or adjustable steering and handle bars, this means you upper body and core body are also used and maintained whilst your having your cycle fit classes. The bikes also have free wheels, this means you will not be catapulted off the bike when you want to slow down and thus avoiding strain on your lower back, knees and ankles. The bikes are a lot more adjustable than your average bike and also keep you a lot fitter and healthier.

Spin is an amazing class that will avoid strains and stresses that other higher impact classes will give.

If you want to incorporate your classes and maximise your membership though you can enjoy the gym, free weights and boot camps alongside our fun studio classes all held within our amazing gym in Watton or just outside on the grass.