Fully Equipped Plate Loaded Gym

We have a split gym, downstairs is a plate loaded area. Dumbells to 60kg, deadlifting and squat racks along with duplication pin loaded machines ready for those super sets, Upstairs you have another fully loaded gym with its own free weights area

Thermal Image Cameras

Thinking about you, your safety and ours. We didn’t want to have to test your temperature manually if we suspect a virus, why walk towards a possible infection. Two cameras have been installed, up to 20 faces at once scanned and reviewed. Another tablet at reception to double test you before entering our gym if a false warning has been raised an alert. Making you Virus and Covid safe

24/7 Access RFID

Track and trace is ultimately very important, in a rare and problematic situation that we did have a claim of an infectious member we only allow people in using RFID cards. Even day passes have to give full information and are scanned into the gym and out so that we can trace people to the minute within our facility.  

Split Gyms, One Down Stairs and Then This One

Having a split gym means that we can easily socially distance, duplicated machines and different makes means slightly different workouts, easy supersets and screens for your safety. 

Just Grip Indoor Climbing Club

Test your full fitness level, climb and gym or bring your family while you workout. 

Covid Safety Zone Full Fitness Gym Watton Norfolk Health Fitness Club


Full Fitness Gym 

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Phone: 01953 665090
Email:  gym@fullfitnessgym.uk
Messenger: m.me/fullfitnessgyms

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Staffed Hours Gym & Climbing Times

  • 09:00 21:00 Mon – Fri
  • 08:00 – 18:00 Sat – Sun