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What Do We Offer

We offer many services, from the mind, your muscles and your inner body. We will change your life through our services packages and extras you might need. Speak to your GP about asking for a referral

Personal Contracts

With GP referrals we do offer 12 week treatment programs however not locked with a contract. We just ask that you trust us to complete your full treatment and not after short term gains. 

24/7 Access

If you can train without an instructor present and you know what your doing then we offer full 24/7 access 365days a year


We try to set out the packages for you, however, recognize that these might change and everything is personalized to your needs. As you repair and feel better then treatment might need to change and were here for you. 

NHS Referral & Injury Rehabilitation 

Anti Smoking Course & Gym 

Starting £65 

No Contract

1 2 1 Training

Sports Therapy, Counseling & NLP

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You will have a one2one personal training session with our very experienced trainers. You will then cool down and stretch. While in the moment of relaxing we will use some hypnotherapy techniques and NLP to plant anchors into your subconscious to aid you to focus your mind and challenge your urges 

Nutrition Programs for GP Referral  

Starting £55 per plan

No Contract

one2one or Couples Living Together

Seated, Office Based

More Details

The nutrition courses can be used for putting on weight through retraining yourself and slowly working with your needs. 

Losing weight through calorie deficiency. We will plan meals around your tastes, your needs and then your lifestyle and work times. We will not give you a basic plan or ask you to calorie count and guess. We will give you meal plans and ability to ask trainers through messages. 

We will track your diet, we ask that your honest and we will get you results.   

Injury Recovery 

Starting £30

No Contract

1 2 1 Training

Gym and Therapy Room

More Details

We will look at each client as an individual. Offering you the service you need. We will not just give you tissue therapy or exercise. We will work through everything and split time to optimize your recovery. 

Working with car crash victims, post and pre-operations along with sporting athletes looking to strengthen and maintain fitness levels. 

If your suffering from tight backs, neck or feeling sore and tender then its time that you contact us as sooner we can try and find a fix the better, longer you choose to wait longer and harder it is to retrain the muscles. 

Personal Trainer Session

Starting £30

No Contract

1 2 1 Training

Gym and Evaluation Time

More Details

You will have a one2one personal training session with our very experienced trainers. You will then cool down and stretch. 

  Muscle Therapy 

  Starting £30

No Contract

1 2 1 Training

Treatment Room

More Details

We will look into tightness, soreness and tenderness within your muscles. We will try to loosen knots and tight spots and free your muscles allowing you more movement and sometimes less pain in places 

Depression and Anxiety Recovery 

Starting £30

No Contract

1 2 1 Training

Gym & Treatment Room

More Details

Many people are unhappy in the world thinking they have lots of friends and followers and sharing details of their lives on social media but unable to be happy in your own body. 

Fitness can change this, we can help you through your situation. Trying to recover from mental illness can be a struggle you can’t escape from however we can certainly look to help you feel happier 

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We have a truly dedicated team. Using principles trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic programming, Tissue Therapist, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists all within Full Fitness Gym.    

We Got You Covered with Roadside Assistance

Trainers able to work seven days a week, muscle massage therapists,. Nutrition advice as part of the service, Indoor climbing giving you knowledge and the facilities worth travling too. 

After my surgery i was worried about more stomach muscles and getting my core strength back as I have had back problems. Team is fantastic and consultant was impressed with the speedy recovery


Suffered from shins and ankle problems for years. Many visits to NHS physios which helped but once I was on the intensive program at Full Fitness I was soon back on the pitch keeping the team strong. I have never felt so agile even before my long term injury.


I was told by my GP to lose weight. I never listened until it felt like it was too late. I was then told by the house insurance company to get my weight down. I finally realized I had to do something. Never looked back since


Things To Do on Your Life Changing Trip 

Investigate Your Pains, Injury and Movement Problems

We want to help you, we would like to make you feel better through a better range of movement, less pain, ability to lose weight and working out what “It” is that’s stopping you feeling 100%. We might never achieve full success but we will certainly give you everything we can. 

If You Have Your Doctors or Consultants Notes For Background Knowledge and Ability 

We would really like to get going knowing everything you have been advised by your professionals. We might need to contact them to clarify exercises and get detailed explanations of injuries as we wouldnt wnat to cause you more problems. Specialists within post surgary exercise and muscle damage

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