Kieran D’Aeth – Journey of a Fitness Instructor :

Hi my name is Kieran. I am 17 years old and have started working at Full Fitness gym. I’ve not always liked the idea of going to a gym, I was always too nervous to step foot in on, but it wasn’t until I was about 16 and I done resistance training as part of my GCSE where I fell in love with it! I loved to pain of finishing your last set on squats and not able to walk, I got addicted to it! My next step was what I was going to do after high school and effectively what I wanted to do as a career. As my love for the gym wasn’t going anywhere I wanted to do something in the gym industry I wanted to become a personal trainer. I applied to a couple of options but the best one for me and what I wanted to do was join the rugby academy at Easton and Otley college and also do the rugby academy, which means I got to play rugby on top of learning how to become a personal trainer. It was an enjoyable year playing rugby, meeting new people and learning about the fitness industry from a class classroom. I soon found out that sitting in a class room learning about the fitness industry bored me, I wanted to learn about it first-hand. I have always enjoyed training myself and training with different people including family and friends. Before working at the gym, I used to train here anyway and I loved the layout and atmosphere here. I asked if any jobs were going and luckily enough there was. I come in, had my interview and to my surprise I got an email confirming that I got a place on the team!

My first day….

On my first day at the gym I didn’t know what I was going to be doing, all I was told was the bring a spare change of clothes, the only thing that came to into mind was that I was teaching a class without any preparation. I was dead nervous, but to my surprise I was just doing it. I done kettlebell with Perry, this was an unusual class for me as I had never done anything like that previous to the class. Perry made it fun, enjoyable and definitely hard work! The people and the atmosphere were nothing like I thought it would be, this started my passion for teaching classes. I never had an interest for taking a whole class, I wanted it to be more one to one, but after exercising the class I was hooked. I wanted to have a fun and enjoyable class, but make sure people was working too!