Myth Busting at Full Fitness Gym , Whats Your Thoughts?

5 Myths about Exercising and Keeping Healthy: BUSTED!

You don’t get to be a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer at Full Fitness Gym without hearing your fair share of rumours and myths going around the gym. Here at Full Fitness Gym, it’s no different. There is constant back-and-forth debate between gym goers around just about anything there is to debate. From form to food, from nutrients to new clients, the stigma doesn’t seem to simmer. So here are Full Fitness Gym’s top 5 myths about exercise and weight training: BUSTED!

Myth 1: Carrying out just cardiovascular exercise will get you your dream body.

Truth: Cardio is a fantastic form of exercise. Whether you love it or hate it, it is the most efficient fat burning activity. However, it is often misconstrued that someone can simply complete these exercises and have the ultimate body that they desire. More often than not, this is not the case and whilst you will lose body fat, you may not be as toned and tight as you first pictured.

Solution: Try incorporating a light weight training routine into your session. Full Fitness Gym offers 4 dumbbell racks, a large range of free weights and a room specifically dedicated to free-weight training.

Myth 2: Weight training can cause women to look bulky and masculine.

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Truth: Like mentioned in Myth 1, weight training is an amazing way to tone up. Unless you’d like to look stick thin with minimal shape, picking up a set of free weights a few times a week can give women sexy curves whilst keeping body-fat levels to a minimum. Women who train with weights tend to earn a tiny waist whilst developing a perfect beach bum; essentially taking the hourglass figure that so many desire.

Solution: Train with light weights and practice longer sets, in the range of 10-14 reps. Full Fitness Gym’s very own Katie and Gosia are great examples of what you can achieve with weight training. Feel free to chat to our Team about any support or coaching you may need!

Myth 3: Being a dedicated gym user makes you lose friends.

Truth: Many people think that there isn’t much room for socialising between the time spent at the gym and other commitments you may have. However, this myth could not be more busted, and the proof is in the pudding at our fitness facility. Full Fitness Gym is a social club. Holding the majority of Watton’s residents as its members, it’s difficult to not catch up with friends or even make friends through your shared activity.

Solution: Come and say hello! Full Fitness Gym offers not only quality equipment and facilities, but also a friendly vibe that all our members share. Fitness is not only about external aesthetics; a healthy mind and relaxed environment is just as crucial.

Myth 4: Deadlifts are dangerous and should not be included in your exercise routine.

Truth: There’s a lot of stigma around the famous deadlift. Many people skip them out completely through fear of injury to the spine or lower back. Deadlifts are actually one of the most efficient exercises around, utilising the majority of major muscles from your tibialis anterior (shin muscle) to your deltoids (shoulder muscle).

Solution: With any form of physical exercise, the risk of injury will always be there. However, good form is vital and without it, an injury is inevitable. Wear one of our lifting belts provided at Full Fitness Gym and please don’t hesitate to ask our staff about form and correct technique, or anything else on your mind.

Myth 5: An intense exercise plan but  poor diet can still get you your dream body.

Truth: The age old discussion; can you cheat your way to a perfect, lean body? Well I’m sorry to tell you, but for the majority of cases the answer is a solid no! Correct nutrients is just as important to body-sculpting as a decent exercise routine. The human body is like a plant; you can plant the seed but without the right nutrition, it will remain a seed.

Solution: Really pay attention to the ingredients that go into your meals and and tailor your food plan to the type of body you’re after. In more recent years, body changing supplements have been scientifically developed to target specific areas, muscles and body shapes, so it’s now easier than ever to achieve your goals in the gym. Full Fitness Gym offers a massive range of nutritional snacks and supplements ranging from MyProtein to Optimum Nutrition. These can be for before, during and after your workout, allowing users to manipulate their body easier and reach their goal faster!