New classes here at Full Fitness Gym this week! We’ve had an exciting week after releasing our new class timetable with completely different classes and all new instructors!

Our Kettlebell class is dedicated to helping you build dynamic total-body strength and conditioning with kettlebells. Used effectively they are an extremely effective training tool. Kettlebell training combines strength training and cardiovascular conditioning in one. Nail the fundamentals of kettlebell training and you’re on your way to a better body!

The Full Fitness Kettlebell class will teach you how to get the most from this training and will include a high intensity section to target the major muscle groups in the body. Come and give it a try every Monday at 8pm or Fridays at 6pm! Our classes are included in your membership or are £5 a go without a membership. We are open to every age and ability so feel free to come and say hello!