This month at Full Fitness Gym is rowing month! Our October competition is for the fastest 2KM stretch! Are you quick enough? Get one of our staff to time you on one of our rowing machines and your time will be added to the leaderboard! We have both a male and female leaderboard with 1st place prizes of £20 in store credit!

In conjunction with this John has provided you with a 5 minute tutorial on how to use our rowing machines! The video at the bottom of this thread covers everything from set-up to proper technique in order to achieve maximum results!

So why make rowing part of your workout? When you decide to improve your fitness your first step doesn’t have to be a gruelling long distance run or hours on a treadmill. Regular rowing workouts are the ideal way to work towards maximum physical fitness. Rowing not only helps build and tone your muscles, it helps strengthen your cardiovascular function and increases your stamina.

Rowing burns calories rapidly and uses virtually every muscle group in your body, whilst putting only a little pressure on the joints. You end up working your legs, hips and buttocks with each stroke. You then also use your upper body strengthening the back, shoulders and arms. By adjusting the dial on the rowing machine you can create a tighter resistance, in order to increase the rate at which you build muscle.

What will it do for me? Rowing promotes healthy body composition. It can help maintain a healthy balance of fat mass and fat free mass in your body. You can easily burn up to 600 calories using a rowing machine. Strangely enough rowing has also been shown to reduce stress. The consistent, rhythmic patterns in the exercise has an impact on top of your body releasing endorphins like any other exercise.