Refer a New Member to Us...

We’re offering you a chance to earn some cash and maybe even fund your own membership at Full Fitness Gym just by getting friends, family members or even strangers to get their fitness journey started.

Nominate people you think would want to join Full Fitness Gym or Just Grip. If they come down and join that day, YOU get paid

Refer New Clients

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Excellent gym, friendly and helpful staff, good range of fitness classes. Two separate weight areas, cardio area, all machines you could need – squat rack, Smith machine. Also sell good supplements. Beauty and tanning also available.


Why Select Full Fitness Gym……

Its simple really, nothing locally can compete with Full Fitness Gym. We have a dedicated padded studio. Split gyms specifically for the nervous “Gym” person. We have had such great results from members truly changing their lives.


  • Soft Gym – Cardio Equipment, Free Weights and Pin Loaded Machines
  • Dedicated Studio
  • Dedicated Boxing Area
  • Dedicated “Big” Gym – Plate loaded equipment, cable machines and dumbells to 60kg
  • Beauty Room
  • Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Sunbeds
  • Fresh Bean to Cup Coffee
  • 24/7 Access
  • Clear and Concise, very knowledgeable Trainers



Giving me a stronger body but most importantly a stronger mind. If you want it dont hesitate or be scared there is so much support from these guys… DONT HOLD BACK…. JUST DO IT ❤️


Haven’t been in the gym yet, only been in the climbing wall area.
All the staff i have spoke to have been very helpful when I’ve asked for help and tips whilst climbing. Seriously considering getting a membership


This is an amazing gym me and my friends comes here regularly we enjoy all the use of the equipment, good range of classes, the staff are really nice, friendly and motivational. The price is very reasonable for a gym membership I would recommend to family and friends or anybody starting.


Injury Rehabilitation

You wouldn’t be telling your friends to go just anywhere. This is the joy, Full Fitness Gym is a referral hot spot for those with injuries, pains and long term suffering people. We will use our knowledge to get you better help your body grow straight, diet better and above all live a longer happier life.

Who Can Use it?

Who Can Use it?

Anyone Looking for a Gym

Anyone who might want a change of gym,

Anyone with an ongoing injury that we can help

Anyone who is overweight and wants to achieve this through fitness and diet manipulation

Anyone from surgery or has medical conditions

The simple idea is that you can get paid for helping us and your friends. You can just fill in the form and submit this to the exercise team. We will simple call your contact and each person you refer that joins on the same day of visiting you will get paid. Its very simple and very easy to earn some money from actually just talking to people. You could be part of a weight watchers or slimming world club, involved in fitness or just refer one or two friends that talked about it that need a little nudge in the right direction.


What Do You Get??

What Do You Get??

CASH In the bank

Once you have sent your referral form into Full Fitness Gym we will pick up the contact names and details.

We will call the potential client you sent to us and then ask them into the club for a trial and tour AND if they join on the day YOU will get paid £10 per person.

We will then call you for your bank details. You can refer as many clients as you can. More that join, more money you will earn!!!!!


*You understand that the people you have sent to us have been asked by yourself for us to contact them for GDRP compliance.

New Clients

New Clients

Gym Member

As a new member you will start to see what you have been missing.

You will have an INduction into the gym, this will show you the equipment and safety breifing. At this point you can then book a personal training session which will be one2one and aim to get you set up for the future training sessions

Free classes for all members and even 24/7 access.

If you’re a GP referral or suffering from an injury then we have packages available at discounted rates to get you back on track through Muscle tissues manipulation, Functional training, and weights.

Amazing Facilities

Just Grip is a leading indoor climbing wall in East Anglia. With our friendly helpful staff who can help induct you into climbing. Do full courses in climbing and so much more. 

We run ladies nights, adults only, Gorilla Grips a special time set aside for families and children to climb at discounted rates 

Look at the angle

Hold on tight

Grip any colour on your route

Doctor Refferal Scheme

Full Fitness Gym can act as your doctor referral. We have discounted rates and special packages for GP referrals. We work with clients after Knee Operations, Hip Replacements, Car crash injuries, Soft Tissue damage and so much more. If you have had sports injuries or ongoing pain then contact our specialist team.