Soft Tissue Therapist

Gosia is straight up the best! She keeps you motivated and is so supportive throughout the workout. But it doesn’t stop there! Even when you are not on a session, Gosia keeps you going so you achieve your goals.

I have stopped and started at the gym more times than I want to admit but since I started training with Gosia giving up hasn’t even crossed my mind.

I have an injury to my shoulder that ment that I couldn’t move my right arm above my head without it popping out and this could be quite painful. We working together with movements I could do with my shoulder and within a few short months I had almost full movement with in.

My confidence has improved no end since I started seeing Gosia, both inside and outside the gym. I’m seeing real gains thanks to the training and diet plan Gosia made for me and this is what I believe has given me this confidence.

Jake Read

Gosia is the most inspiring PT I have ever meet she always listens to what you are wanting to achieve and she makes a plan to suit that.

Gosia pushes you to your limits and is always very supportive and you are guarantee that you will ache the next day.

Wheather you are a beginner or a pro Gosia will definitely put you through your paces and always get the results you are after.

Gosia is a very lovely and patient young lady and I wish her all the best in the future xx

Sharon Archer