SQUASH that belly fat down whilst having a great time!

Backhand your way to that dream summer body.

We know. You thrive for that beach body you’ve always wanted, but exercise just really isn’t your cup of tea. IT’S NOT FAIR, RIGHT? Well, like nearly everything in life, success does not come without sacrifice.

But who says that working out has to be boring and unenjoyable? Well right now, that person is probably you. But by the end of this article, that’s gonna change.

Finding the right exercise or sport, especially from scratch, can prove difficult and in many cases is the sole reason people don’t work out. One sport in particular is often overlooked but proves to be a massive fat-buster in short periods of time.

Squash is an intense form of cardiovascular exercise, easy to understand and benefits your health and stamina more than you may imagine. Similar to tennis (but more fun in my opinion, less stopping and starting), squash involves two or four players hitting a soft ball against a wall, with the opposing player returning it without it bouncing on the floor more than once in a row.

Very much like swimming and deadlifting, squash exercises the majority of the muscles in our body. To start with, it displays a HIIT type workout which will work to increase stamina and reduce body fat. On the muscle-building side of things, you are constantly swinging both arms vigorously and often at full force, allowing growth and toning. As well as this, your leg muscles will face consistent use, not only during running but firmly planting your feet to stop or change direction will certainly work those quads and calves.

Not to mention improvement in hand eye coordination, balance and all-round alertness.
So what are you waiting for? Squash is a sport that ticks all the boxes, in terms of health AND fun. Go serve yourself the body you’ve always wanted!