Dear all.


As you’re aware, Full Fitness Gym has had to close, as it is a leisure facility. Peter however is a trained NLP practitioner and Councillor, able to help you through this tough time. Whilst the building is empty, support sessions will be held within the gym facility.


Supportive talks are offered, 121 or in your group/bubble to help you find mental clarity if you wanted or the ability to exercise with support is given. Peter understands exercise and mental health, the options to talk to professional will be hard during the lockdown process, and Peter would like to extend any time to those that really need exercise and support in an organised support bubble.


This will allow you to visit the facility build your confidence and use your time wisely within the program. Full access to the gym equipment for therapy or supportive needs will be available until you’re ready to talk if you require this. No pressure will ever be forced on you, so you can be alone if you desire if you feel that helps. This is not going to be issued as a blanket offer for members of the gym, this isn’t a leisure offer. This is a support and wellbeing group, not a leisure visit. If you feel exercise improves your mental health, physical well being or could improve your self esteem, then Peter is here to help. It will be at your discretion how you emerse yourself, you can talk online as well if this helps. £8 for a 90 mins session open to anyone. If you want a 121 then please make contact prior.

The cost is £8 for a 90mins session, open to anyone. If you want a one-to-one then please make contact beforehand. 
Almost everyone would benefit from an exercise and support program held within Full Fitness Gym.. 


You WILL NOT have to talk about any of your worries, problems or concerns in a group. You will be entering the exercise area within minutes of checking you into the group. 


•Group of up to 15 maximum 
•No other support bubble 
•Need help or feel Vulnerable
•Need help with your mental wellbeing
•Unable to get mental reassurance elsewhere or online 
•Want to seek professional help through peer to peer support
•Understand that you will have 90 mins on a pre-booked format 
•Open to all, wanting therapy or support
• Notice a behavioral change while not exercising 
•Recovering from any form of addiction, alcohol, narcotics or noticing your behavior is changing due to lockdown 

Parent and child support group sessions will also be online very soon.


We can offer the space for multiple types of groups, please get in contact to find out what we an do for you. Stay safe, Please join us at this difficult time, if you feel you need it for support purposes. 


Many thanks.