Full Fitness Gym

We have a lot of members asking for new programes and exercise tips and goals – mainly how to bulk and shape up and also to diet and lose weight safely and quickly.

We at Full Fitness Gym can help you. With FREE classes included within your membership you can attend classes each week to help with your motivation. We have dedicated classes for our members ranging from flexibility, to fighting fit and HIIT classes for something a little more intense.

Our staff are all into fitness – we quite simply love it and live it…

…but how do you choose a perfect trainer?

Gym Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Exercise Instructors – how many different job titles have you come across for fitness professionals? It’s no wonder people get confused between them all. Whatever the name, it’s the knowledge and experience that you’re looking for, so we have registered our fitness staff into the REPS scheme.

So what’s the difference between Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers?

Fitness Instructors

Fitness Instructors are employed by Full Fitness Gym. They will carry out gym tours and inductions for new members, showing you how to use the machines and demonstrating good practice. They can work with you to develop a your exercise program.


Advances in fitness never stop and neither do the training and courses our staff attend. Some of our Fitness Instructors are training to become Personal Trainers, gaining our clients’ trust and showing off their knowledge as they grow.

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers are trained to a higher qualification and will often see many clients from different backgrounds – the skill set can be a little more diverse. It is now widely accepted that simply doing more exercise is not the answer to all of our health and fitness problems and dreams. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building or sports performance, correct training is just one part of the equation. Even if people are given a good exercise program to follow, they might not see the results they want. It’s the job of a Personal Trainer to address that by providing the complete package to help coach their clients to reach their goals, doing whatever it takes to achieve that safely and effectively.

So what else is required? First and foremost, effective nutrition. You’re probably familiar with the various  quotes: ‘what you eat accounts for 80% of your results’, ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’, ‘abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym’. The importance of eating the right foods for your body is paramount and this should often be the first area to look at whatever your goal – get healthier from the inside out. So PTs need sound nutritional knowledge.

Linked to this are the other lifestyle factors that affect an individual’s well-being. Stress levels and sleep quality all have a significant impact on the body, not to mention the effect on their emotional state – the bottom line is clients want to feel better: imagine if you could help them achieve that before they’ve even set foot in the gym!

Working together

So let’s work together in and out of the gym and make sure you have the correct Instruction and advice to help you achieve your goals…… Welcome to the Full Fitness Orange family.

Contact reception or take a look around the gym to find the trainers for you.