What Does Full Fitness Gym Offer?

24/7 Gym 

Personal Trainers

Soft Tissue/ Sport Massage


Rock Climb/ Bouldering 

With Full Fitness Gym you can have 24/7 access so that you can fit health and fitness into your life when it’s convenient to you. 

Whether you’re looking to push your fitness to new levels or just starting down the road to becoming fitter and healthier, you can get the advice and the inspiration you need with the help of one of our personal trainers.

Gosia Fitness is our in-house therapist. Working with members and non-members alike, from sports injuries to postural corrections, ongoing rehabilitation on injuries and support throughout. Clinic and gym one-to-one training.

We have a sunbed zone with space for 2 stand-up sunbeds open to members and non-members.

The sunbed zone only operates at times when staff are present. 

The bouldering zone is open 7 days a week while staff are present. Climbers have well over 20 linear metres. 8 yrs + can free climb with a parent or guardian within the building. We  have instructors for younger persons in groups.