New Years Resolution. Everyone makes at least one, if not more! Everyone wants new motivation for the new year, but very few of us get enough of it to see us through to the end of January. Anyone who has achieved a fitness goal will know that motivation is the key to getting results. Even just the journey to the gym, and then putting in 100 percent effort every year takes mind power as well as body.

Competitive Streak
Even the most chilled people can have a hit of competitiveness every now and again. Whilst sometimes this can be seen as a negative thing, a healthy dose of competition really helps your motivation.
New Year is the perfect time to think of a fitness goal. Why not pick someone that is of a similar fitness level (make sure it’s someone you would love to beat in a contest!!) and lay out the rules.
For example this could be the first person to deadlift 100kg, first to hit 2km on a rowing machine, or the fastest time in a set cardiovascular race.

Setting a deadline
Without a goal to strive for you will get caught up in other plans and routines. Setting your own deadline is a great tool if you are prone to distractions.
Why not sign up for a 5km run, or weightlifting competition. That will make a huge difference to your attitude towards training as you know you’ll have to show your worth on that set date.

If you’re a social person, this can be great for working out. By switching from TV, shops or the pub to an active location, you can drastically improve your fitness levels with friends.

Fighting off Failure
This is often the most important factor. We all have bad days from time to time. Don’t let these bad days effect your motivation. A good idea is to keep a photo on your phone from when you started your goal. This can then refresh your memory and makes success feel so much better when you can compare yourself to your starting self.
It’s going to take effort, but when you start achieving the results you want, that then becomes renewed motivation. We are always here to help with your goals here at Full Fitness Gym and our qualified Personal Trainers are more than happy to support you through your new journeys if you wish to invite them.
We hope you have a fantastic start to the New Year and wish you good luck with your goal setting!
– All the team at FFG