Winter Is Coming, Are Your Ready For Some Fun Facts!

Some fun, helpful and useless facts that have been explored and investigated across the world and we at Full Fitness Gym think we should spread some news for you. Weight loss busting information, in the cold your body works harder and it makes you lose weight.

So, do you suffer from high blood pressure? Did you know that sitting by a log fire could positively alter your blood pressure? This comes from the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.

Who enjoys the winter tickle, the wet your tongue, the body warmer? Mulled wine has been found to almost halve the risk of catching a cold. It has been found that sinking 14 glasses of red wine a week actually reduces your risk of catching a cold by 40%. No more Lemsip and tickly coughs – you will need some head ache pills are plenty of water. We have to thank research from the American Journal of Epidemiology for this little insightful bit of work.

Its now getting cold, your skin is at risk of losing its perfect complexion, but what should you do? Take green tea, multivitamin or collagen? Seemingly a combination of all three will help to water proof and keep your skin glowing through winter. These nutrients will help to stop the deterioration of the skin structure caused by the dry, cold weather. This study was supplied to us from the University Hospital St Jacques.

Who is into the last minute Christmas shopping? We sell vouchers at reception if you want to ease the pain, and nothing says I love you more than a gym membership. We can serve you some facts, last minute shopping can actually increase your stress levels by 50%. The Uni of East London has found that blood pressure readings has got to alarming levels after just 75mins and also the skin conductance levels have elevated which is a key sign of stress.

Are you looking to lose weight, spending every second at slimming world, measuring your food or watching everyone on Instagram and YouTube tell you about every diet fad going and how only that one will work for you. The Endocrine Society found that setting your thermostat to just 10 degree celsius on average gave the study a 1.4in smaller waist that those who have the house at 20 degrees. Cuts the heating bill and your waist size in one.

If you find yourself more tired this time of year as well, there is a something you need to know. The lack of sunlight causes an increase in soporific melatonin. The NHS however says we just need to optimise our time, go outside at lunch and get some UV rays. We can help with the feel good, jump on the sunbed and get your levels back to normal, feel good again.